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Driving lessons for beginners

If you are 16+, and you have never had a Quebec learner's permit, this driving course is for you.

★12 theoretical lessons of 55 minutes each

★15 practical lessons of 55 minutes each

Price: $960

To register, you only pay a deposit of $106.67

You can pay in 6 interest-free installments spread over a 12-month period.

Driving lessons for beginners

The Road Safety Education Program (RSEP) is intended for all new drivers, regardless of age. Anyone wishing to obtain a driver's license to drive a class 5 vehicle must follow this program at a driving school recognized by the SAAQ. The latter not only aims to prepare the candidate to pass the exam to obtain the driving license, but also to train a new generation of drivers, that is to say better citizens of the road. The training is divided into 4 phases (spread over a period of at least one year) where theoretical and practical courses alternate. This totals 39 hours of training, i.e. 24 hours of theoretical training and 15 hours of practical training.

The theoretical part is given by a trainer in class or online. To make sure you have understood correctly, it is recommended that you continue your learning in self-study.

The practical part is made up of 15 road trips of around 1 hour each. Before each outing, the trainer will discuss with you the maneuvers he will have to do and the behaviors you will have to adopt.

Pour vous vous inscrire au cours de conduite pour débutant(e), vous devez :

  • Être citoyen canadien ou résident permanant


Si vous n’avez pas la citoyenneté canadienne :

             Avant de commencer vos démarches et de vous inscrire à un cours de conduite, vous devez vérifier si   vous pouvez obtenir un permis de conduire, selon votre statut au Canada.


  • Être âgé d’au moins 16 ans
  • Avoir le consentement écrit de votre père, de votre mère ou votre tuteur, si vous avez moins de 18 ans.


                   Il est possible de s’inscrire à un cours de conduite avant l’âge de 16 ans afin de compléter la partie théorique.


A Passenger Vehicle Driver's License (Class 5) allows you to drive: an automobile, a recreational vehicle, a tool vehicle, a service vehicle, a moped and a tractor.

According to the Highway Safety Code (section 66.1), a person wishing to obtain a license to drive a Class 5 passenger vehicle must have successfully completed a theoretical and practical course at a driving school recognized by the Société de Quebec Automobile Insurance.

  • Follow the first 4 modules of the first phase (see diagram above);
  • Pass the theoretical evaluation of module 4 of phase 1 of the PESR;
  • Receive a certificate issued by the driving school;
  • Go to an SAAQ service point with 2 pieces of identification;
  • Pass the visual test and pay for the issuance of the learner's permit.

The learner driver must always be accompanied by a guide who has more than 2 years of experience.

Step 01: Theory exams

  • Pass the SAAQ theory exams and;
  • Have held a learner's license for at least 10 months.


It is strongly recommended that you read the Learning to Drive manual and answer the SAAQ road safety knowledge test questions.

 Step 02: Practical exam

  • Successfully complete the 12 modules and 15 practices of the PESR;
  • Have the certificate of the driving school with the seal and signatures;
  • Have held a learner's license for 12 months;
  • Successful completion of the SAAQ theory exam.

After 2 years with the probationary license and a good driving record, obtaining a driving license is now up to the holder.